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Indeed, the BCABP no longer exist.  The 1975 US government manual simply omitted it and provided no information as to how the agency was redistributed.  This link will provide you with the information about how it was founded.  It appears that the publications of this agency were distributed to a number of different sub-agencies within the Department of Commerce.  If you want more information about what this agency you can take a look at the 1974 US government manual [I've attached the relevant page].
According to the US Manual, the Bureau of Competitive Assessment and Business Policy was a sub-agency of the Domestic and International Business Administration (DIBA).  Essentially, it was established within the Domestic and International Business Administration of the Department of Commerce by Department Organization Order 40-1, effective November 1972.The following text explains what ultimately happened to the DIBA: 

The Business and Defense Services Administration (C 41) was established by the Secretary of Commerce Oct. 1, 1953, and operated under Department Organization Order 40–1. Abolished by Department Organization Order 40–1A of Sept. 15, 1970, and functions transferred to Bureau of Domestic Commerce (C 57.400). Functions transferred to Domestic and International Business Administration, effective Nov. 17, 1972. Administration terminated by Secretary’s order of Dec. 4, 1977, and functions assumed by Industry and Trade Administration.

The administration was abolished and it functions transferred to the International Trade Administration (C 61) on January 2, 1980.


My best guess is that they were trying to separate out domestic and international assessment in all of the re-orgs.

Hope all of this makes sense, Stephen

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