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There are 2 primary search tools you'll see on the library website (in addition to many specialized research databases).  The 2 options you'll see on the main library page are The CAT and LionSearch. 

The CAT is the traditional library catalog. This includes records of all of the books, videos, maps, and other physical items in the library. It also includes records and links to e-books and information about journals and links to e-journals.  What the CAT does not include are individual articles. You won't find news, magazine, or scholarly research articles in the CAT.  But you can do some things in the CAT that you can't do in LionSearch.  (see below for more on Advanced Searching)

LionSearch - Includes everything in the CAT.  So you can use LionSearch to find books, videos, etc.  When using LionSearch you will also see articles from some newspapers, magazines, and research journals. LionSearch allows you to easily filter your results by format, subject, date, location, etc. 

Advanced Search options
LionSearch has an Advanced Search option here -!/advanced
This will allow you to easily combine search terms, limit your search by field to Title, Author, etc.  It will also allow you to limit your results by date, format, etc. prior to searching. 

The CAT also has an Advanced Search page with similar options but with the CAT you can do a few unique things.  One is the ability to browse the catalog by subject, title, or author.  This can be helpful in different situations. On the CAT search page, before you search select Begins With (Browse), then try a few searches by Title, Author, and Subject to see how this works.

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