Answered By: Janet Hughes
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SciVal is a system that allows users to visualize and benchmark institutional research performance, identify and develop collaborative partnerships, and analyze research trends.

To use SciVal, go to You must enter your Elsevier credentials or create an account. You must be on the Penn State University networks in order to set-up your account. SciVal is authenticated using the institutions IP ranges  Once you are logged in, SciVal recognizes Penn State as your institution.

NOTE: the data underlying SciVal comes from SCOPUS. We do NOT have access to SCOPUS.

SciVal is broken down into four functional areas: 1) Overview, where you can get a high-level overview of various research entities, both people and institutions, 2) Benchmarking, where you can compare against researchers, institutions, other groups, etc., 3) Collaboration, where you can explore collaboration networks and identify possible collaborators, and 4) Trends, where you can get information on the current scientific trends and identify rising stars.

There is another section called SciVal Funding. SciVal Funding is a tool to help researchers identify funding opportunities targeted to their interests and areas of research.  Funding can be narrowed to specific funding bodies, i.e.: government, corporate, private and others, or encompass the entire funding landscape.  SciVal Funding covers grants from Australia, Canada, the European Commission, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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